Terms & Conditions

Thank you for your interest in renting from Liberty Limousine. Before proceeding with your reservation, we kindly ask that you review our terms and conditions page. Our terms and conditions page outlines the policies and guidelines that we adhere to, in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all of our customers. We take great pride in providing exceptional service and maintaining the highest standards of quality, and we believe that our terms and conditions reflect this commitment. By familiarizing yourself with our policies, you can feel confident in your decision to rent from Liberty Limousine and enjoy a stress-free and luxurious experience. We appreciate your business and look forward to serving you.


Payment is required in full before or at the time of pick up and is non-refundable in the event any breach results under the terms of this Contract. 

A NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required at the time of booking. 50% unless noted otherwise.

Gratuity is not included with booking cost.

If the Client attempts to cancel the Contract, after pick up time has occurred, Company is authorized to charge the credit card of Client on file for the remaining balance in full. 

You are responsible for your entire booked time period. We do not shorten trips after they have begun. There will be no refunds issued for left over time.

By agreeing to the terms & conditions I signify that I have read the terms and conditions stated above in this Contract and agree to all stated terms and conditions. I further declare and represent that I am at least 18 years of age, that I have full legal capacity to be bound by this Contract, and that I am signing this Contract of my own free will and accord. I authorize company to charge my credit card and agree to its terms.I authorize Liberty Limousine to store my card on file for use with any charges relating to service & rental, overtime, and damages.












Drugs & Alcohol

Alcohol consumption by persons under the age of 21 is strictly prohibited in the vehicle, and alcohol consumption by person’s age 21 or older is prohibited if persons under the age of 21 are present on vehicle. Company reserves the right to check the identification of any passenger on the vehicle at any time and for any purpose whatsoever. Company reserves the right to refuse service to persons that appear to be under the influence of drugs and or unable to care for one’s self, or are objectionable to another passenger. No person may use any illegal narcotics or controlled substances in the vehicle. In the event of underage alcohol consumption or illegal drug use, the service will be terminated immediately and without refund.

Client shall be responsible and shall pay for all fines and penalties assessed by state and/or local authorities as a result of the violation of any law by the client. Drug use in the vehicle is prohibited by law. 

All contraband and items considered “weapons” are strictly prohibited in the vehicle. Company reserves the right to inspect all belongings of minors for alcohol and contraband.














Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence of Company, its agents or employees, Client hereby waives any & all claims against Company, its agents or employees for injury, loss, or damage, including consequential damages, to Client or members of client’s party’s person or property from whatever cause. Client waives any right of subrogation with regard to the same and enter at own risk, if not comfortable with this then you will not enter and use our Company. Company is not responsible for injuries that occur while riding in vehicles. Any injury that does occur must be reported immediately to the driver of vehicle. Injuries not immediately reported are treated as if they did not occur during the Contract. Enter at your own risk and giving up legal rights by signing this legal document.

Company reserves the right to substitute the reserved vehicle for another replacement vehicle for any reason. Company will make a good-faith effort to notify Client in case a substitution does occur. Company will also make a good-faith effort to substitute with a similar type of vehicle.

In the event of a vehicle breakdown, all efforts will be made to supply a replacement vehicle. If a replacement vehicle is sent and/ or client refuses a replacement vehicle, no refund is due. If no replacement vehicle is available, refund shall be limited to the amount paid by customer. Company is not responsible to fulfill itineraries developed by Client, which indicate a time that Client expects to arrive at certain locations after the initial pick up time.


All vehicles are equipped with trash cans/ trash chutes. We encourage you to use them to avoid any excessive mess or clean up charges. All spills are to be cleaned up as they occur. We provide clean well maintained vehicles at the start of every trip. Excessive mess results in a $250 charge, as does any bodily fluids or vomit. 























Pick Up/ Drop off Locations

Please plan pick up/ drop off locations ahead of time. Keep in mind the size of the vehicle you are renting and its ability to enter certain destinations. Driver retains the right to refuse entry in any parking lot due to possibly vehicle damage. 

Stretched vehicles and party buses are limited by height and ground clearance in certain situations.

Client is responsible for providing all destination addresses and directions. In the event that Client requests Company to provide such information, Company is not responsible for any delays that may result, nor will any concessions be made to remedy time lost.

If a security gate is part of the trip itinerary, please provide entry clearance ahead of time. We are not responsible for any delays at the gate due to entry issues.

We do not service dirt roads or unpaved roads. Roads and driveways that have overgrown vegetation will also not be serviced and different pick up/ drop off location should be arranged.


Lost Items

We are not responsible for any lost or stolen items while on your trip. Any and all items found on vehicle at the end of the night will be placed in lost & found at our vehicle storage location. Please make arrangements to pick up any items, we will not bring them/ship them to you. We highly encourage to double check at the end of the ride for any phones, wallets, keys etc. Neither Company, its agents, or employees shall be liable for any personal property of Client or members of Client’s party, which is misplaced, damaged, stolen, or left in the vehicle.
















Overages & Wait Times

Overtime is permitted based on vehicle availability, and is not guaranteed. If your trip does not have the availability for overtime and you willfully delay drop off causing late arrival to next booking, you will be charged accordingly.

Any and all overages will be automatically billed to the card on file. Overages are based on your quoted hourly rate. Overages are billed in 30 minute increments. Payment for overages are to be paid before trip continues. If paying cash please make clear to driver so your card does not get charged.

One way transfers have a 15 minute grace period for your group pick up. After that standard billing charges will commence in 30 minute increments. Our wait period standards do not include airport pick ups, but do apply to airport drop offs. Party bus, Stretch limousine, and SUV have different wait time rates.All hourly trips have a 15 minute grace period as well before half hour increment charge. Arriving vehicles also have a 15 minute grace period before company is held accountable for being late.


Seating Capacity

Seating capacity is based on insurance regulations and manufactures suggested capacity. We will not travel with over capacity vehicles. Please plan group size according to your vehicle of choice.






























Smoking is not permitted in any of the vehicles at anytime. Failure to comply will result in a $250 fine and client removed from vehicle. No refunds will be issued. 

E cigarettes and vapes are allowed.






























Food or snacks are not permitted in the vehicles under any circumstance or condition. Please plan food and meals according during your travels.

Client is responsible for all damages and by agreeing to our Terms & Conditions they agree to any credit card charges.

Company inspects each vehicle before, during, and after each rental. In the event of damage to the vehicle, Client assumes full financial liability for any and all harm and damage caused by client or any members in client’s party during the service, and the cost of repairing such damage. This includes both interior and exterior damage to repair, replace, and clean vehicle or any parts of vehicle. The cost of repairing, restoring, or otherwise remediating any damage to a vehicle caused by client may be charged to such client’s credit card on file or billed directly to such client, without prior notice. Additional fees may be charged to cover damages at the company’s discretion. Client will be charged a minimum price listed below for the following occurrences:

A. Smoking in Vehicle – Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00).

B. Ripped or Damaged Upholstery or Carpet – Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00).

C. Vomit or Any Other Bodily Fluid in or on the Vehicle -Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00).

D. Lost or Broken Glassware – Twenty Dollars ($20.00).

E. Excessive Mess in the Vehicle – Two Hundred FiftyDollars ($250.00).

F. Breaking of Television or Air Conditioner – Seven Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($750.00).

G. Breaking of DVD Player, CD Player, iPod, or Radio – Two Hundred and Fifty Dollars ($250.00).

H. Opening Fire Window – One Hundred Dollars ($100.00).

I. Opening Fire Window Resulting in Window Coming Out and/or Damage -Eleven Hundred and Seventy Five

Dollar ($1175.00).

7b. Damages are not limited to the items above.

7c. Damages not listed above will be inspected and charged accordingly.

Passenger Behavior


1. Smoking is not permitted in any vehicles at any time.

2. Standing on top of the seats, sitting on top of the seat backs or hanging from the ceiling grab handles is also not permitted. We do our best to ensure fully functional and damage free vehicles, and your compliance helps us continue to do so. 

3. Food and eating is not permitted in any of the vehicles under any circumstance. Please plan meals and food accordingly either before trip, a food stop during the trip or after the trip is completed. 

4. Please do not open or mess with any emergency windows, emergency exits or damage the window coverings. Do not attempt to taunt or distract other drivers through the windows.

5. Please respect your driver. Threats, racial slurs, degrading or offensive comments will not be tolerated by driver or staff of Liberty Limousine.

6. Vehicles are equipped with trash cans and we encourage you to use them. Please place all drinks in cup holders and appropriate places to ensure minimal spills. Excessive mess will result in a charge to the card on file.

7. Excessive and uncontrollable intoxication will result in terminated access to vehicle for said individual. If a passenger is getting sick please inform the driver ahead of time so they can safely exit the vehicle and avoid any fees due to vomiting inside the vehicle

8. Outside coolers are not permitted inside vehicles and only in the storage area. This is to prevent vehicle damage from loading and unloading/ leaks. We provide built in onboard coolers with ice and cups.



Company has the right to terminate service for any form of abuse, behavior deemed inappropriate, or Contract breach, without refund. In case of misconduct, smoking in vehicles, drug use, or any other violation of this Contract by Client or member’s of Clients party, or if Driver is or feels threatened or otherwise deems the party unruly or endangering the safe operation of the vehicle, Driver has the right to terminate this Contract without any refunds and drop passengers off at the nearest safe location. This is meant for the safety of Company and Client. Company also reserves the right to expel any person from the vehicle for any reason mentioned above or any other misconduct. This includes over intoxication.

Repetitive failure to follow these guidelines will result in early termination of service and will not receive any refunds.








































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